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Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
OK, so sub has to be in the trunk. I'm glad that's clear. :)

Now as for a deck, are they essential? I know that they provide way more functionality than the dashes that come stock, such as full fledged equalizers and settings beyond my imagination. But the problem with the deck I have in my car is that it's massive:

Are there even ones made that big, or do most people just have an empty space below the deck?
Might need an adapter or faceplate. Check a good car audio place to see what "dash kits" they have.
A regular car radio is going to sound like garbage, and ironically, even worse with aftermarket speakers.
Why? Because the stock speakers aren't designed for power or quality, theyre normally high efficiency speakers that only use about 15-25w rms - the exact same amount of power that most regular decks can provide. Aftermarket speakers will run in the area of 40-75w rms, so if you use aftermaket speakers with the stock radio, they wont be getting enough power. The result will be speakers that lack bass (which require more power and less efficient than highs/treble). You COULD get a converter, which will bring the regular speaker outputs down to standard line-level outputs, and then connect that to an amplifier with some treble/bass/mid/sweep/etc settings on it for some improvement, but it will be harder to adjust and you wont get the quality of a good deck out of it (and you have to buy an amp too).
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