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Speakers are only as good as the source that drives them.

Get a good aftermarket radio, with plenty of adjustments, then some decent mid- to upper-range speakers that fit your car. Soundproof whatever you can, especially in the trunk - where the subwoofer should go. The sub doesn't have to point in any particular direction to sound good, so place it where its the least obstrusive.

My car:
Mazda Protege
Deck: Pioneer DEH-2000
Front speakers: Kenwood 6x8s
Back speakers: Blaupunkt 6x9s
Subwoofer: Energy 12'' sealed enclosure.
Amps: Alpine 4-Channel 4x80w and a Poweracoustik 1x 300w. (Rms)

The entire interior of my car has padding on all the metal parts. I pulled out the seats and carpet, covered the floor, the insides of the doors and especially the trunk on all sides. The result is a clean and tight sound, with plenty of power and very good clairty - but not very expensive. Don't you dynamat for sound deadening unless you want to go broke. I used a roofing material called "Resisto" (Resist-eau -french) its waterproof, self adhesive and about a 1/4'' thick. Prevents rattling and deadens the noise decently.

Hope the info helps.
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