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Default Subwoofer/speakers in a Pontiac G5

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a 2007 Pontiac G5 2 door (my first car ) and am loving the way it drives so far. The steering control is phenomenal and driving stick is so much fun! I learned stick in half an hour and within a day or two riding I had it down pretty well.

The only problem that I have with the car is the audio. Because it is a base model, meaning nothing special, it didn't come with the greatest speakers. I was wondering what brand of speakers you would suggest. I'm not looking to spend too much money, but something that would tighten up the mids and highs (and maybe give a little more power to the lows) would be great.

Another thing I would like to ask is, what is the best placement of a subwoofer in a car? I searched in google and it said that the typical placement of a subwoofer is in the trunk of the car, positioning it to whatever sounds best to you (blasting to the rear, upwards, etc.). However, I do have a bit of room above the rear seats, but I'm wondering if having them face upwards against the glass is such a good idea, and it also seems like some cutting would have to be done.

And if it helps at all, my main genre of music is electronic types like drum 'n' bass and electro house. I do listen to rock as well.

Opinions and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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