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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Practicing in being a father?
Very good statement.... but more hard to do than say... see my kick tough on it after my anwser to the OP question

ok for the software, my son his 7 years old, he have his own computer since a long time, I let him do what it want with it, I only guide him and explain him things. Since few month he play ( I must say work) with Lego Digital Designer... It's like a cad software, where he design on the PC huge lego things, and after he do it with real lego, I show it to the Board of School , they are totally amazing by it

LEGO Digital Designer : Virtual Building Software

Now my view on kids problem :

I'm in the board at school, we work in the next 5 years school orientation project. We make a study, a side of parent who do nothing for their kids, many kids have no interest in life,, they have nothing to do , or nothing interest them.

So the solution is make your kid interested in things.... it's very easy to say.....
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