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My System Specs


I don't intend to start a flame war but...
Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
If you ask me, Macs are for people that know nothing about computers and are easily convinced to buy things by a marketing campaign.
I have real reasons based on _my_ experience with Macs. Some reasons that I like my primary Macs is because they are quite stable and rarely have any sort of failure( I will however admit that recently Apple's quality control has gone down). Granted, out of more than 15 I do have a couple older ones with CPU or mobo issues but I should remind you that there are only two computers in this house that were purchased new by this family. All the rest are second hand as either a whole unit or assembled out of a bunch of parts from here and there with things like drives, cards and a couple PSUs new from local PC shops or NCIX(/me thanks SKYMTL for the Neopower and then pets it as it sits among the parts of his G4 spread about his desk due to his most recent urge to modify his case... again.).

In fact I have to say the most common issue I have with my Macs(although still pretty rare) would be ever so slight filesystem corruption sometimes when the power goes out unexpectedly while doing disk intensive things. However, it is actually pretty rare and is quickly and easily fixed with little data loss.. Ok, so I lost a kernel extension and a couple preference files couple months ago or so but nothing serious that would have prevented my Mac from booting.

Unless I am forgetting something the last time I formatted and reinstalled on any of my OS X running computers was when I upgraded this old G3 PowerBook I am using right now from 10.3 to 10.4. That was August 17th 2006 7:15PM. Before that it had been running an install since before November 2005(sorry, don't have an exact date). I did not have to but I wanted to so as to have a nice clean fresh install, I am sure all of you can understand that no matter what OS you use.

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
Lets see someone with a mac beat my PI time or 3dmark score then we will see whats faster.
Here is a not so spectacular one from 2006. That is also the older model of Mac Pro, the newer ones have Xenon 5300 series. I might also point out that officially the Mac Pro is workstation class and as such it is not all that important to have gamer class graphics cards.
Mac Forums - View Single Post - Mac Pro bechmark Windows with 3D Mark

It is pretty unlikely but if you want I could see if someone that I know with an 8 core(3Ghz, 5300 series) Mac Pro with 24GB RAM has windows installed on it. If she does she might be able to provide some more recent benchmarks with better hardware than the quad 2.66Ghz stuff others benchmarking have. ( )
I might consider poking around some Mac oriented forums to see what hardware people have and see if they have windows installed as well.

Some results from SuperPI in 2006(this is what you were talking about right?)
SuperPi 2M post your mac! - Mac Forums
I would be willing to bet that an 8 core Xenon 5300 series setup could provide at least a decent time with SuperPI assuming it can make use of all the cores. :P
Have not looked at much in the way of results for SuperPI though so I don't know.

For a CPU and RAM based benchmark(contains Mac and PC results including 8 core Mac Pros):
Geekbench Result Browser: Top

I think that is it for the moment.. Knowing me I probably forgot to mention something. *sigh*

Oh oh, Apple has a habit of introducing new models and updating existing ones in early to mid January as well as around June or July or somehting so there *might* be something more updated around the corner. That is pure speculation though as I have no way to verify things.
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