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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
You don't have to be. Look at the current writers and take Lemonlime as an example. He has done reviews of cases and motherboards and in his past reviewing job did coolers and CPUs as well. AkG does storage, coolers, cases, peripherals, etc. Heck, every one of the current reviewers is like a well-honed Swiss Army knife.

One of the things we are looking for is people who can adapt their writing styles to different aspects of the industry.
Yeah, i just dont know if i know a product well enough yet, well maybe i am probably just doubting myself. I was told by my prof in material science that i write very good reports (A+ in the course) but i feel i may come up short writing a test review here. Nothing like low self confidence sometimes

Edit: Also don't own a digital camera or have access to one until May (when i should be living with the girlfriend again and can have you take pictures with her digital slr camera)
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