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There are two mentalities in the industry and neither is wrong.

Some people want scientific results and still don't realize that it's the internal sensors that determine whenther a CPU begins to throttle because of heat or not. The IHS temperature means nothing in the grand scheme of things but it does return what could be called repeatable and accurate heat conduction results. However, too many people equate these results with actual CPU temps...which they are not.

Us on the other hand like operating within the same environment that most users will experience. If it's within our parents' basement, then that's fine with me. Granted, we go a step further by adding in ambient temperature control and a vertical mounting method but our goal remains that of being relevant to what the end user will experience.

When push comes to shove, there isn't a single methodology that is air tight which is why users are always told to look at multiple sites. Yes, there are plenty out there that take the easy, lazy way out but that's their problem which will NEVER be repeated here.

Another thing we will never do is tell you that it's our way or the highway. We all have to remember that the "old school" sites have their set methodologies carved in granite and getting them to change anything is like trying to move a mountain with your bare hands.
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