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"The idea of building my own speakers appeals to me as I have a table saw and router. So now I'm going to do some browsing on AV forums, and learn something new."

Ok now you're in for a mess of learning. I went down that path and almost didn't make it back. But I did build 5 monitors and turned my 30 year old boxes into front bass bins/subs/speaker stands.

I'm very satisfies with my DIY speakers, they look a little rough up close but sound great. And my cobbled together subs sound great to me.

I built 5 L18's from Zaph.

I have a two zone, 7.1 receiver. The LFE out has a splitter cable and is patched into the CD in. If I'm watching a movie or some head banging music (very rare) I'll turn on zone 2 with the CD as source. My old 1' x 1' x 2' speakers with 10" woofers are plugged into channels 6 and 7. So I basically get 2, sort of subs, for free, and can adjust the sub volume on the fly. Will keep me happy until I get around to replacing the 10" with quality 10" to match the L18's or with real sub drivers and reinforce the boxes. Others may cringe at this but the LFE volume is more than enough. Also the receiver software/set up found the room nul frequencies and has adjusted accordingly.

You've got a hankerin', table saw, router and 15" ers at hand. I can't wait to see the build pictures.
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