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Originally Posted by encorp View Post
Look; don't wimp out over content in a video game.

You either SEVERELY limit all games and every bit of content and never allow anything that will offend anyone, ever.

Or you don't censor them at all.

I prefer the latter. You can put whatever you want in a friggin video game, a human being still has to make a decision based on that bull crap.
I don't think that is the issue here. This is a very grey area, no one is talking about censoring anything. They are talking about the devices used in this game to either a) interact in an important part of the story and elicit an emotional response through it... b) participate in tasteless violence... c) simply stir up controversy for the sake of PR and help sales.

I don't believe anyone on this forum is interested in censorship. We just have opinions on this kind of content.

For instance... let's say there's a game where you are tracking down a rapist. And in one mission you play the rapist and go through the act of luring and raping a woman... or maybe several women. And it's all very graphic and disturbing. Now the publisher says this is a part of the story that "flushes out" the story arc of the game and you can choose whether or not to play the mission. Liberty aside etc... do you think it would be tasteless to include that kind of content in the game? I do, just like I feel like the No Russian mission is tasteless and games like GTA and Postal are tasteless.

Am I going to rally and cry a ban on these kinds of games. No because our society says we are a culture of choice, and I am good with that. But I can have an opinion and try to explain to others why this kind of content isn't really necessary nor is it in good taste. And if others begin to feel the same way and speak with their wallets, maybe the popularity of this kind of content will die down and publishers will choose better ways to entertain us and flush out stories.
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