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Default Logitech G13, a small review by me!

Quick background on me, I am a casual gamer, I can play from 2 to 20 hours a week. I've been a hardcore World of Warcraft player for 3 years until I decided to pull the plug on that game last spring (40+ hours a week, lots of farming and raiding). I play all types of FPS, RTS and MMORPGs. This type of remote for me is both for the ergonomics aspect so I can sit for a long time without wrists issues and the utility/buttons assignment/macro part of it.

For the last 5 years I had been using the Belkin Nostromo n52 (old version) and more recently the n52te Edition that replaced it. I tried other brands of gaming keyboard but never liked the layout and comfort they provided, something the n52 was very good for. The first version of the n52 had better and easier to use software, they changed it all in the n52te edition (made by Razer) and never got it exactly like I had it setup with the original one. The buttons were not as responsive as the original version also.

In this review, I will be comparing and using reference against the newer Belkin n52te since I have been using it recently.

Letís begin this.

Physically my new device is a little bigger and heavier, has more buttons(22+3) that can be assigned to your every command and feel "softer" overall. The choice of plastic used is a very good one, does not seem to scratch easily and It matches my G15 very well. It does not feel flimsy or like a cheap toy. The underside of the controller as a good high grip rubber so it should not move around. The USB cord is very long, Logitech understood that the controller will not be on top of your keyboard so they made it longer. The handrest is well positioned, the typical WASD buttons are right where they need to be. I'm not sold on the thumb joystick and the button placement around it yet, it will take some getting used to.

The button layout is very good. It will take some time to get used to the extra buttons available to my fingers. The feel of the button is very similar to the G15 keyboard. They are lit, respond well, are quiet and do not stick at all when pressed repeatedly. The thumb joystick has a rubber on top so it can easily be moved around without slipping. The movement to reach the 2 thumb buttons is not a natural one however and will take more getting used to. I will not assign any crucial actions to those keys yet.

The LCD can be customized so you can have a different color for every profile you select. Makes it very easy to identify what profile/button assignment you are currently running without alt-tabbing out of a game. You can also have any apps made for the G15 keyboard work and display on the G13 independently.

The device was recognized right away in Win7x64 by the Logitech software I already had since I have a Logitech G15 keyboard installed. No problem there. I still went on the Logitech website to grab the latest version of the software. The update was trouble free.

The Logitech software is very intuitive and easy to use. It will allow for easy recording of macros and the setup of the button on the controller. Remapping the keys is easy and for my current casual gaming perspective, I have not found any issues with any of the functions yet. I am still trying to find the best combinations of buttons to use and their placement on the controller. More buttons is not always a good thing when you have used the same setup on a different controller for all those years. The transition seems to be going well however.

-Numerous buttons
-Comfortable for long hours
-LCD is easy to read, it freed up my G15 LCD/controls to be used for Winamp when gaming
-Heavy, does not move/slide around when playing
-Feels "high quality". Does not have the cheap plastic feel
-Extra long USB cord
-Matches the G15 keyboard very well

-It's big
-Too many buttons/options can be overwhelming

That being said, I still really enjoy this and I cant wait to be used to it 100% so it becomes second nature like my old faithfull, but now retired, n52 was.
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