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My System Specs

Default System Stability Test

[Main thread Jan 4 07:16] Mersenne number primality test program version 25.11
[Main thread Jan 4 07:16] Starting workers.
[Main thread Jan 4 14:56] Stopping all worker threads.
[Main thread Jan 4 14:56] Starting worker.

Builded a new rig stock and not overclocked, and its running for more then a week now. I wanted to know if everything was going good and did a test with Prime95 64bits. As the whole system set up is still on a 30day warranty. Is this the right program to use for testing stock systems? What other test can i do to make sure everything is good?

System was running and didnt crash at all during the test till i stopped it at the above time. Is there a report i should be taking note if it did?
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