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Well if you guyz are up to it, i'll see to setup a weekend or something and can have it at my place. let me know how you guyz feel about it.
Case: MountainMods U2-UFO
MOBO: eVGA x58
CPU: Intel 920 D0 @ 3.2
RAM: 3x 2GB Corsair XMS3
GPU: 2x eVGA GTX280
PSU: Antec Truepower Quattro 1000W
WaterCooling Hardware
CPU Cooler: Swiftech Apogee GTZ water-block
RAD: Thermochill Pa 120.3
PUMP: Swiftech MCP655
Tubing:Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue 1/2 ID
Reservoir:Swiftech Micro Res

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