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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post

I make some research before buy my Intel, reading hundreds of pages of OCZ forum ( as the company is to cheap to make their own support ) to know witch firmware to use and how to use it is not what I call recommended
Sorry dude but that is a load FUD. You dont have to do jack research w/ OCZ Vertex. Drop the latest fw on it and away you go. IF you want to squeeze MORE out of your OCZ Vertex then yes the highly active forum over on OCZ will help you out (merits of ITGC vs TRIM come to mind). Compare and contrast this to Intel who are being less than helpful on the firmware end of things, just screwed over all their Gen 1 buyers, don't have official forum (nor really any support except "RMA it"), etc etc and I'll take OCZ over Intel anyday (at least this gen of drives).

OCZ were one of the first to get a TRIM capable SSD firmware out. They listen to their customers when they said they wanted ITGC options and GAVE it to them! This commitment to customer service is why OCZ is head and shoulders above the rest.

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