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There is a reason he is selling them and getting better: they stink. Sequential speed is NOT a good benchmark to use when picking an SSD. Best bang for your buck SSDs right now are: Kingston 40gb SSDNow V (the rest suck), the G.Skill Falcon 2, OCZ Agility. Any of these three would be good choices. My pick would be the Agility for single non raid setups, and a pair of Kingston 40GB V's for Raid setups. I'm with gingerbee and strongly recommend you keep your OS and main applications on the SSD, and games and other data on a fast HDD (WD 640 black are cheap and good, or your 320 if money is tight).

The funny thing about using SSDs is you dont realize how fast they make your system until you use a comparable system without an SSD (even my i7 + VelociRaptor system feels slow in comparison to my q9450 + SSD system). THEN you know how big of an improvement they are! :)
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