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Default Best Mother Board?

Hey guys, I have been looking at the EVGA X58 Classified 3 Way SLI board for a while now but I would really like to know what the best motherboard for Gaming & Over Clocking would be, I want to drop a few grand on a insanely powerful build and not have to upgrade for at least 3 years and still be able to play with great graphics ect ect.. Anyway going a little off topic there.

So What would the BEST Mother Board be for:
-Gaming: I play games as much as I can and like to play them with the best possible quality
-Over Clocking: I want to over clock a Core i7 920 to the highest stable Over clock I can get.

Do you guys think I should just wait a few months for a next gen mobo or buy one now. I am clearly really confused and as always any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Guys!
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