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From what I've been reading you're looking at two questions. How big and how fast? (all within your budget)

At around $200 (sale prices) you're looking at indilinx based ssd drives of 60-64GB in size. The current recommended vendor seems to be OCZ for their firmware support.

Getting closer to $300 you start looking at faster drives holding 60-64GB or the intel x25-m at 80GB.

Over $400 you start looking at 120-128GB capacity indilinx drives or start considering raid based setups. If raid is something your comfortable with you put 2 or more smaller capacity drives in RAID 0 (striping). That gives you increased speed and more capacity. Firmware becomes more of an issue with raid though since you lose Trim support. (I'm a little vague you can do some things but it depends on the drive).

Getting over $500 you start getting to whatever makes you happy. You can pick a single 160GB intel drive various high performance 60GB drives in Raid 0 or some high performance single 120GB drives.

There is a sort of iffy option with 2 Kingston SSDNow V Series 40GB in raid 0 for 80GB at $200. (and only the 40GB capacity drives the rest of the Kingston drives are bad) There are also Samsung based ssd's that let you trade off performance for cost. That isn't recommended though.

Remember you lose some space to formatting and ~10GB to your windows install.

So the question is How Big and How Fast?
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