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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
You cant get ram on 920's to run at 1600 even unless your BCLK is divisible by whole numbers without fractions, 4/6/8/10/12. RAM freq = BCLK*Multi. Thats why your ram is running at 1571 and not 1600. 191x8.

If you want to get your ram to run at 1600, and still maintain a 4ghz CPU speed, turn off your turbo, and set it to 200x20. Ram Ratio will stay 2:8, as uncore will also stay to 16 or 17x.

I'm sure Chris can get his up to the same freq. I'm 99% sure its just an uncore/bclk ratio issue. And if hes at 191x21, he can do the same and go to 200x20 Turbo off, 2:8 RAM divider, 16/17 Uncore.
I will try it when this wu is done.

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