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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Alright. I went with stoanee's settings exactly (except one step higher on the vcore). Seems really stable (I ran two 6hr runs of prime, and now folding a bigadv for 24 hours straight. 60c was the top temp I saw). Thanks stoanee and sagath!

Here they are again:
Dram freq 1149
UCLK freq 2298
QPI link rate 6893
CPU volts 1.28125
CPU PLLv 1.82
QPI/Dram volts 1.35
IOH volts 1.2
ICH volts 1.2
Dram volts 1.64

I highlighted the three settings I had questions about;
- is that dram freq optimal? seems like a pretty big underclock on my Corsair 1600MHZ stuff. I tried a 200x20 to get 4.0 on a larger bus, but it was not go. Is it worth it to mess with this?

- I went with one step higher on the cpu volts. Should be OK I think.

- Is that QPI-Dram setting OK? The bios puts this in the 'red' range of acceptable voltages. I am folding with this chip 24/7.
I had to back my overclock down to 4 ghz as 4.1 was not folding stable.
-The ram settings for Asus seems to be a bit of a challenge to set to 1600, for me anyways. I got it set to 1571 (2:8)
-volts should be good
-according to the Intel site 1.35 v is within spec.

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