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My System Specs


I dont see why you should have the ram ratio so low, thats 2:6, and x12 on your uncore. Will it not go stable at 2:8 and 16x uncore? If it wont, I guess its possible that you have a really crappy Uncore, but I find that hard to believe since 'stock they run 133x24, and right now you're running 191x12. Something else is at play here if it wont go stable at 191x16

Vcore is fine. 1.28v is still a great voltage for 4ghz. My old chip took 1.3 to hit 4.2 stable, so yours is very reasonable.

As per the QPI vtt, from what Ive seen on the net 1.35 is 'okay'. I would still fiddle with it and see if you can get it lower. I dont think it'll do any lasting damage. Pound out a bigwu over the next 2 days, clock it down one step and try to do another one. *shrug*
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