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Originally Posted by bkh2 View Post
I can just imagine one of these boards on a crazy watercooled loop. CPU to CPU tubing would just be too nuts. Can't wait to see someone on HWC get their hands on this and post up some pics!
Couple people on here(see above, and them mine below) have already done this

Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
That seems to be who this board is aimed at; folks who want to OC a dual rig.

Does anybody know if this is just a server board (ie. Xeons, Registered Dimms) with some OC options, or will this thing take a couple of 920s and regular ram? I would consider this rig (seriously) if I could use some current gear on it.
Unfortunately(or fortunately in my eyes, since I'm already using a server board without said features) ), it will be a basically be a server board with overclocking options, and enthusiast features(high number of digital pwm's, etc, etc). You will still need an Xeon 55xx or 56xx series CPU.

The reasoning for it is this, for the CPU's to talk to each other, they need a QPI link direct to each other, that means the CPU must support at least 2 QPI Links, which only the Xeon CPU's currently have. HOWEVER it is unknown if Intel will unlock the 2n'd QPI link in the upcoming Core i7 985 EE, it is a possibility, but I won't hold your breath.

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