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My System Specs


Originally Posted by TokeR View Post
What would the benefits of this board be, like would it be worth me holding off buying a EVGA X58 Classified and waiting for this to come out and buying two 920's?
Would this board drastically improve gaming? what would one do with 12 memory slots I thought people could hardly find use for 6?
Now I want to get this board even though I don't know what the advantage of two cpu's would be.. can a board like this run on one CPU then when I have the money add another one later?

Anyone care to explain the benefits of these boards and why they are worth getting?

Thanks for any answers lol.
All your answers are no, unfortunately.

The benefits of a dual CPU setup are more or less Epeen, unless you're into video/audio editing and other very cpu intensive tasks, or you like to blow money on folding. Which is what I'll be doing.
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