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Default HTPC $1000 build

Hello everyone,

This is my first post.

I've been reading the forums for the last 2 weeks regarding HTPC's, and would like some advice

Basically this system will be in the living room and will be used for surfing the internet,
movie storage,blue ray player, picture and music storage. The price range I'm in is $1000,
but I would go over@ $200 if the system I am building was considerably better. This price excludes the
Windows 7 software that I plan on buying.
I'm not planning on playing games on this machine.

It will be connected to my 46" Sony series 5 530 LCD tv.

So far I'm set on the NMEDIA HTPC-6000 case as a starting point.

I was thinking of using:

Intel I5 750 cpu
Asus P7p55D-E pro motheboard as a starting point
TV card not required at this time.

I'm open to suggestions and input.

I would like the video card to be HD and have HDMI input to my tv . I believe that the tv screen resolution is 1920X1080.

Any input appreciated.


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