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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dante1 View Post
Oh boy don't I feel stupid. I remember another application a while back...SETI. I guess this the same principal. But how does this affect my the choice of a graphic card?
Why would one card be better if running F@H then the other card?
Modern ATI and nVidia GPUs can be used for running Folding@Home, however different cards are able to process work at different speeds. Although the 5770 is a faster card than the 9800GTX+ when it comes to gaming, as far as folding goes, the 9800GTX+ is actually considerably better.
Originally Posted by dante1 View Post
I just read a thread on tom's hardware saying that the 5770 is one of the "cheapest, piece of junk card..." I think I should stop reading other forums and listen to you people here. :)
Well, Tom's Hardware hasn't been a credible website for 7 years or so. I wouldn't bother with them or anyone who visits their forums.
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