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Default Itx system build

I am slightly on the fence now between two different motherboards/cpu itx systems to do my sega genesis mod. I want it to be able to play up to 1080p movies (which i know either can) and as well run emulator games with no problems (which i know both can). What comes down to it is i dont know if the cost difference is worth going from a single core with ht atom to a dual core with ht atom (may attempt to see what ppd a n330 could kick out). Both already come with the dc power adapter which is why i'm looking at them.

210$ (+ taxes) shipped: - ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 1.6GHz Dual-Core 441 NVIDIA ION Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo - Motherboard / CPU / VGA Combo

170$ (+ taxes) shipped: - ZOTAC IONITX-C-U Intel Atom N230 Mini ITX ION Platform Motherboard/CPU Combo with 90W PSU - Motherboard / CPU / VGA Combo
This one also comes with a 20$ MIR but sometimes those are a pain in the ass and dont always come or work out.
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