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Originally Posted by Spblue View Post
Thanks a lot for all your replies! Now I have even *more* questions!

Thanks for the fluid tip. I had absolutely no idea how much fluid went into a standard GPU/CPU/RES/RAD cooling loop. I had picked the distilled water because a lot of "how-to" guides specify that you should always flush your new water components (rad, blocks, etc) before putting them in a real loop, to remove possible impurities. I figured I'd just connect everything together with one end in the sink and run some distilled water through. Since I had no idea how much would be needed, I figured more was better than not enough.

I will only get a single bottle of fluid then, but for the cleaning part, am I missing something or can I just use tap water? I was afraid that having some residue in there might interfere with something...

As for the CPU block and rad, I'm pretty set on getting the Heatkiller and TFC Xchanger...
I would still go out and buy a container of distilled water and boil it to flush out the rad, its the only thing that might have some flux residue left over. CPU, GPU and RES are fine for quick install. No need to clean.

I agree with the cpu, but I still recommend the TC PA120.3. It is the grand daddy of cooling, and still does quite well even with newer products out there. Its cheaper than the Xchanger and it will probably do just as well as it. I have used it in my last few builds and have never thought about upgrading from it.
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