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I tried to find this mouse in the GTA for a week before i gave up and just bought it from razers website, said in stock, but after a week and order was still showing up as processing i called, they said the shipped it already, 3 weeks later it shows up, that's a whole month to get it!:) and i paid extra for express shipping

As to how good for mmo?
my main mmo for the last few years has been warcraft, last 2 years as priest healer, if you have played one then you know we have a metric crap ton of spells to use for healing:)

its been a few weeks now and i am still having trouble using more then 3-6 of the 12 thumb keys, as i try to use keys 7 to 12 i find moving my thumb to them i end up moving the courser off of my intended target and have to resort to my old mappings with shift and ctrl.

also the 2 normal thumb buttons that forward and back on web pages and the like are in the worst possible spot, i am getting used to using my left click finger on them but its a pain.

over all i do like the mouse and have no plans to stop using, but the learning curve for me at least has been and still is steep.
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