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For the thermal paste, I've never used Shin-Estu, so dunno if its non-conductive, you're better off getting yourself a tube of arctic ceramique or arctic cooling 2 (recommended) or from Daz the gelid paste works pretty good too.. I'm also not too sure if EK started giving more thermal pads nowadays, I know with my EK4870 block, I only got one piece of it, which some I spoiled (accidentally) and the remaining got lost somehow.. he sells the pads for the blocks, better off getting a pad odd Daz..
Thanks for the cleaning tips. As for Shin-Etsu X23-7783D, it's the best thermal paste I've ever used. It handily beats AC MX-2 and MX-3 and IC Diamond, but since Shin-Etsu is a very big player in the semiconductor area, they don't market to enthusiasts much. Unless you're going to order 20L drums of it, you're too small.

They experimented for a while with selling 1g syringes, but now it's very hard to find any. You can find comparative reviews of it here and here. One other thing that might explain its lack of popularity is that it's very thick at room temperature, but it gains elasticity as it warms up. Before I apply it, I put the syringe in a small plastic bag and then drop it for a few mins in a glass of hot water. That way it becomes gooey and easy to apply. Still, on my Ultra-120, I gained a 3 degrees drop from it compared to AS Ceramique. It's that awesome!

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