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My System Specs


Thanks a lot for all your replies! Now I have even *more* questions!


The things I can suggest is to remove one bottle of Feaser one cooling fluid. You only need one as it will be plenty. You don't need the pure water bottle either. 25' is excessive for tubing, half that will be fine for your build unless you were planning to have the rad external and away from the computer.
Thanks for the fluid tip. I had absolutely no idea how much fluid went into a standard GPU/CPU/RES/RAD cooling loop. I had picked the distilled water because a lot of "how-to" guides specify that you should always flush your new water components (rad, blocks, etc) before putting them in a real loop, to remove possible impurities. I figured I'd just connect everything together with one end in the sink and run some distilled water through. Since I had no idea how much would be needed, I figured more was better than not enough.

I will only get a single bottle of fluid then, but for the cleaning part, am I missing something or can I just use tap water? I was afraid that having some residue in there might interfere with something...


Look at directcanada for your 5870 block
Thanks! I didn't think of looking there, and (my usual price crawling reference) doesn't seem to index watercooling parts. I'll probably still try order from NCIX and pricematch, since I got enough points for free shipping, but I'll order straight from DirectCanada if the pricematch fails.


25' is excessive for tubing, half that will be fine for your build unless you were planning to have the rad external and away from the computer.
Well, of all as I mentionned, I'm sure I'm going to waste some tubing simply because it's my first time. Second, I don't think I can fit the TFC Xchanger triple rad inside my P182 very easily. This led me towards an interesting solution to another problem I had. My computer desk is a gen-X model as shown here:

I didn't put the door and tablet in the left compartment, which allowed me to put my P182 in there. To get enough airflow, I had to put fans in the the desk's two precut holes (supposed to be used for cable management). Not the most elegant solution...

Now, the compartment is wide enough for me to be able to place the rad next to my case. So my plan is to get the tubing out of the back of the case (the P182 already has 2 holes for it), then around into the rad. I'd have the fans blowing air out of the front of the desk. That will easily add about 2 feet of tubing both ways. As an added bonus, it would prevent my furball from crawling in there to reach the sweet Eldorado of chewy cat toys... erm, I mean wires.

As for the CPU block and rad, I'm pretty set on getting the Heatkiller and TFC Xchanger... From all the reviews I've read, these two were pretty much on top as far as performance. Since I'd like to run at 4.2Ghz 24/7 (unless I get unlucky with my cpu ), I want every chance on my side. What I'm unsure of is the EK D5 top... Is it worth getting? I added it because some review sites mention it helps the flow, and it comes with G1/4 so I can screw in standard compression fittings (I'd really like to use comp fittings for everything, since I'm afraid of not securing tubes properly and such).


Now if you're going to get the water block from Direct canada, then suggest you just get the compression fittings from there also, they are $11 a piece, so you're saving a few dollars, and they are bitspower, I swear by them lol.
Well, aren't the TFC fittings from Dazmode cheaper? In my list, I'm getting 8 straight ones for $48 (so $6 each), but the rotary ones are $11 each though. I'm thinking I should only need two, for the gpu block...


2. Way too much tube. If you cut things nicely without waste, you probably need 10 ft, so 15ft would be plenty. You may consider colored or UV tube (it looks nice).
3. You may forgot: couple of drain/fill ports, fans and fan controller, thermal compound...
The P182 has no window, so UV tubing won't give me much. Clear tubing will be fine I think, plus I think that with the black fluid it should look cool for when I'll actually open my case to look at it.

For the fans, I'm already using 7 Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 1600RPM fans in my case. I'm thinking I'll probably be able to get away with only one left at the back of the case, and the 6 others on the rad in push/pull. If I run them at 7V instead of 12V, they should be near completely silent... I'll have to do some testing. If they're too noisy or won't allow me to clock my cpu high enough silently, I'll look into some of the latest fans.

I still got a tube and a half of Shin-Etsu X23-7783D leftover, so that should cover my needs for now. About those drain/fill ports though... How does that work? From what I could see, the Swiftech res comes with 2 plugs for the ports... do I need anything special to drain it? I'm still unsure how the whole draining thing works...

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