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Originally Posted by Misoprostol View Post
You'd be pants-on-head retarded to take a 32" 1080p over a 30" 2560x1600 panel.... The price is so close now....

That said, if you want anything but TN, you're stick with 30". Everything else is going TN *pats Dell 2405 FPW*

The high end Samsung's are not going TN :)

If you look at my pricing, and the retail of the 245T, and put in that I'm getting a good enough discount to make buying any other brand silly, you'll probably see that the 30" Samsung is looking a lot better than any 32" TV.

The idea of 2560x1600 gaming is attractive and scary... it would probably look awesome, when the video card can handle it. I like all the eye candy on, and there's no way anything is going to run crysis type games at 2560x1600. That's almost twice the pixels over 1920x1200 even... which already kills GPU's. I don't even know how many games support 2560x1600?

I'm strongly leaning towards the 275T at this point, read a few reviews and no one has said the large dot pitch is a serious issue.
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