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+1 to what both these users said.. the mcp655 is a pretty powerful pump at stock, the x-top only adds a little bit more water flow, but honestly.. the 655-b w/speed control, set it to number 5, and you got enough flow going..

10 or 20ft is plenty, But that's a good deal on 35ft of tubing, I would personally go for Primochill tubing, although Feser fares pretty good too, directcanada has a 10ft roll for roughly $16.50, so 20 ft would be around $33-34, and you're getting 25ft for $35, paying a dollar more for 5ft I think is worth it..

One bottle of feser fluid is more than enough, don't need the feser aqua like the rest suggested.. And since you're on a budget, I also would suggest the Swiftech MCR320 (Sorry Daz.. he's on budget).. off course Feser rads are much superior quality, but remember you also need fans to go with it.. and the triple swiftech rad actually does a pretty descent job really.. and plus a good pair of fans (3 of 6-push/pull) would still be cheaper than the feser rad alone..

Now if you're going to get the water block from Direct canada, then suggest you just get the compression fittings from there also, they are $11 a piece, so you're saving a few dollars, and they are bitspower, I swear by them lol.

Once again, sorry Dazmode, not stealing business, just helping the user out..
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