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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
So unless Mississauga, Concord and Blainville , are also in California, Look like I gone have my order Monday, UPS pass around 12:00 , I order it at 1:00 pm Friday, if I donít count the week end , it take less than 24 hours, and it's free. Very good improvement in my case

10/31/2009 00:12:00 IN TRANSIT TO BLAINVILLE, QC, CA
10/31/2009 00:11:00 DEPARTURE SCAN CONCORD, ON, CA
10/30/2009 22:02:00 LOCATION SCAN CONCORD, ON, CA
10/30/2009 21:46:00 UNLOAD SCAN CONCORD, ON, CA
10/30/2009 20:03:00 ARRIVAL SCAN CONCORD, ON, CA
10/30/2009 19:25:00 ORIGIN SCAN MISSISSAUGA, ON, CA

That is correct The package was shipped out via The Mississauga location.

If the Canadian location doesnt have your item in stock It will be picked up ( normally) by the
New Jersey location ( and then of course the California location if Jersey doesn't have it) and shipped to the customer via UPS ( and yes the canada location is exclusive to UPS... I know it sucks) at the same price as if you ordered it from Mississauga. ( so I am told, so don't hold me to that)

the east and west coast regions of canada are also shipped out via the Mississauga locale, but again if the canadian office doesn't have the product you ordered, they will be shipped out from either jersey or California with the same shipping cost to you as if it was coming from Mississauga ontario.

It's my understanding the next two locations they are going to open up is Vancouver B.C. and Montreal Qc. All depending on how well the Mississauga locale does. If the current office in canada goes well then New egg will be opening the other two offices.

the bonus of it is, if you order an item under $25 and call Newegg to say your not happy with it, they will refund your money and not ask you to return the product because it is not worth the time or the money to process it : )

I did that with a card reader i bought used and coudlnt' use it. I got my $ back and they told me to keep the prouduct. - nMEDIAPC ZE-C98 All-in-one USB 2.0 Card Reader with USB/IEEE 1394/e-SATA Port/HD Audio Ports - Card Readers

After a week or so, I tried it again and could only get the USB ports on it to work ( i didn't have enough spots free on my mb) either way, It reads all the card slots and 1/3 usb ports in it. and since i bought it for the card slots... yay me it was free )

How cool is that ??

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