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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I have a few questions for you to help narrow it down. First one is what hardware do you use to record your guitar from to the pc. Does it only have analog ouput (to the pc input) or does it have digital (spdif/optical) as well? The second question is what are you using (speakers) to listen to your games and mp3s. This will help potentially steer you in a better direction since the more we know the more we can find the best valued one for you
I use my guitar or mic into a preamp and then into the line in of the soundcard. To be honest I wasn't even sure what the optical/spdif was for. Is that to plug in things like MP3 players or? The speakers I'm using are a lower end set of 5.1 Altec Lansing that were maybe $100 five years ago or so. They work well enough for me though I will probably upgrade at some point. My main focus is getting my sound up and adequately running at the moment. This Creative just isn't doing it for me. Thanks for the replies so far.
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