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Default Need advice for new soundcard please!

Hello, everyone! I need some advice on purchasing a new sound card and would appreciate any help. I recently ordered a brand new Dell and was dumb enough to get the Creative X-Fi Extreme Audio card. Just like the reviews say it's a piece of crap that crackles and pops and I can't get it to record. I don't need anything super fancy. My old computer had a Soundblaster Audigy 2 that I recorded into that sounded and worked better than this X-Fi card. I play games, listen to MP3s and record guitar into a studio program. I don't need multiple inputs, just the analog line input is sufficient. I just want something that sounds decent, is stable for recording and games, and just works. So far I've been looking at the Omega Striker and it seems to have great customer reviews. Is it worth to pay twice as much for the next Omega Claro? Any other cards you would recommend? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)
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