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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Yeah, I actually put a fair bit of processing power into Rosetta. I prefer the boinc client over SMP as it allows me to run 3 cores on a quad, while leaving the 4'th open for GPU folding. I'm currently running 3 rosetta cores (well not currently since the only work it's got is one of those blasted "hang at around 3%" units) on my Q6600, and one on my 955be (got a dual core VMware SMP running on that one).
I was about to say 'that's a nice Rac you've got there for not running it on all cores' but it just sounds wrong.

I also prefer the Boinc client and running multiple projects helps keep it from getting stale. WCG in particuler because it's an umbrella for six other projects and let's you choose which you want to support.

They also make it a bit more fun by awarding badges for each subproject based on runtime instead of points, so even weaker machines can collect them. The badges are colour coded based on how much time you've contributed so you're alway's working towards the next badge.

Another difference is they keep adding new projects and/or another phase to finished projects which makes the goals a little more concrete, their projects actually end so what is being worked on isn't quite as vague as Folding or Rosetta, Seti etc.

Even with all that my main Addiction is still Folding of course...
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