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Default Help me choose, 24/27/30" ???

Due to a deal I'm getting making choosing anything else ridiculous my three choices are:

Samsung 245T
Samsung 275T
Samsung 305T

I can't say my pricing, but relatively the 275T is about $100 more than the 245T, and the 305T is about another $200 over the 275T.

Monitor will be used for gaming, general browsing, tv/movies, in that order.

The 275T is 1920x1200, so it ends up with a huge (0.303) dot pitch.

The 305T is 2560x1600, and has a relatively small (0.250) dot pitch.

I'm not seriously looking at the 305T yet, but I am a little concerned about the pitch on the 275T, and I'm pretty sure I want bigger than 24", which directs me towards the 305T, but it's HUGE, and even tho I'm getting a good price, kind of expensive.

I'm currently using a Samsung 245b. Fairly happy with it, just want a better quality panel, especially to watch the odd movie. It's still returnable too, so I don't have to lose anything on it.
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