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Well i ended up with the WD black edition drives. They work quite well with the drive. As for the case i believe i got it from NCIX and pricematched it. It may have changed since i bought it though. One word of note on the networking side for me to get bonding working it required me to purchase a smart or managed switch since i have no other need or desire for spending another $400-$700 on a switch i moved the raid card and HDD to my main rig which now has a very snappy 3.69 TB Raid 10 array . I still have the case BTW. On the rack mount ability of the case. It does have the screw holes and mount holes on the side for rails but it does not come with rails. Also when i was doing the purchasing NCIX did not carry the proper rails for this case. If your planning on rack mounting i would consider getting either the chenbro case or a super micro case with a SAS back plane.
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