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Default GTA 4 on PC.

Ok here's the deal. I had been playing this game on a 24 inch monitor @ 1920X1200 up until now. I purchased a 3008WFP monitor.

I had left the resolution in game at 1920X1200 while using the 30inch monitor. I noticed that after 45mins to an hour of playtime the game would crash with no error msgs. I decided to bump the resolution to 2560X1600. I didn't get any more crashes afterward but I was getting low FPS. I did a few benchmarks tests and everything maxed out I was getting 38FPS @ 2560X1600. Then I decided to keep the resolution but lower everything else to the lowest. I did another benchmark and I was getting 42FPS. There's a few videos on YT of people maxing out the game at my resolution with no FPS problems.
Specs wise I got a core I7 920 @ 4.3ghz with a Visiontek 4870x2 and an XFX 4870x2 in CF. 12Gb of ram and I use Vista ultimate x64 SP2.

I'm kinda puzzled as to why I'm not getting better performance than that because from my understanding.. Vcards like those are best at very high resolution.

Can somebody help me out?
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