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Default 750W+ Modular PSU

Heu HWC:

I was recently (actually it was last night) looking for a new case to house my radiaotrs better than my Antec 1200, but decided to stay with my 1200 a little longer. The main reason I was looking for a new case was to help make my inside look better. I do know that the stock 1200 has some good cable management, however, a non-modular PC P&C PSU really messes things up.

So I found myself looking at modular PSU, as I talked to my old-man on borrowing some power tools, as I plan on cutting holes all over this case! Aiming for that nearely invisible wire look! I was looking at that Corsair Professional 850W modular one, but I am just looking for some other choices.

What do you guys think?
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