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My System Specs



I've decided to do the pre-order thing and now am trying to rummage up as much info on "free" extras that might be available for the characters through various sources. With the pre-order from EBgames, you get a ship and since I had a 25$ coupon for them, I figured I'd get the Special Edition which has some extras as well.

I was recently at Future Shop and saw that with Season 3 Blue Ray of the Original Star Trek series, there is a code card in the box that gives access to the Admiral's uniform from Wrath of Khan (I think). Since I have no intention of buying any of the series (Blue Ray or other) I was wondering if anyone around here might have bought that series or gotten it for Christmas and have no use for the Code Card since they won't be playing STO.

I'd be very interested in getting that code for the uniform so that my Captain will not only be smart, but look smart as well.

PM me if you feel charitable.

STO_Canuck :)
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