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I have used many wireless routers so here is my rundown. I have to point out that even great hardware can be crippled by crap firmware & this happens all to often with wireless products.

Netgear: Very good products for the most part. Research not only the model you want but the firmware releases. In the past Netgear had some marginal firmware released but they are pretty good at releasing updates. I like their products.

Linksys: Very well known products with some of their better known models having great 3rd party firmware available for them as well. A good bet.

Motorola: Not very well known for wireless routers but just like some Belkin, Buffalo & USR wireless routers which can be based on Linksys models, things can get interesting with 3rd party firmware. I currently use an 850 model and it's rock solid.

SMC: Good products but the firmware tells the whole story here again. I've had ups & downs with SMC products due to firmware issues.

D-Link: I've actually had good experiences with the few D-Link products I have used but the net is full of stories about this brand.

Airlink: The quality is suspect. I had a Airlink G router which was the worst piece of wireless gear I have ever used. I still have a usb wireless dongle and it is so so at best. Not very well supported with timely firmware updates or drivers. There are much better out there.

Hope this helps.
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