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Originally Posted by Dashock View Post
yea im not going to be stacking them or using them 24/7 if im going for the Caviar green wats wrong with the Seagate LP?

by the way dont know if its new but theres a 64mb cache version of the Caviar Green.
Nothing wrong with those drives, I just prefer the Greens. Have had great experiences with Greens. Greens are the epitome of Cool, quiet, efficient. Everything I want in a external drive. ;)

Gingerbee, yeah its nice to see a HDD mfg'er enter the 21st century .....and now EVERYONE will part take in the "joy" of misaligned partitions. Another nail in the XP coffin. Though TBH aligning a partition takes almost no time.

The boost in size is a nice bonus....BUT it will be interesting to see how much boost in performance (or loss) this gives. My hunch is writing in 4k blocks may result in a net loss of performance....or atleast until WD gets a handle on this new "tech".
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