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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
That's generally a lot of paranoia over nothing. I've handled thousands of PC components over the years, and I haven't seen a single one damaged by ESD. As long as you don't do anything stupid like rub the back of a video card on a carpet, there's nothing to be concerned about.
Good point I must agree with. Yes, some semiconductor devices are ESD sensitive, some more so than others, but even with the later, it is hyped to ridiculous out of proportion levels in consumer mass market items.

Now there definitely ARE some devices, SSA class GAASFETs in particular, which ARE truly sensitive to the point insinuated by the stickers we're all familiar with, but anything with one of those in it also carries a frightening price tag.

Also, and probably most important to consumers, is the simple fact that of the types of ESD sensitive devices we are most likely to encounter, common CMOS components including memory chips primarily, once placed into an actual circuit, the sensitivity factor is reduced to a level no higher than any other component on the same circuit board. Sensitivity to voltage spiking is another matter entirely, and would be OT right now.

So does the sticker warrant paying attention to? Yes, but not to the point so many people take it to mean, definitely far from of being scared to death to open the bag, for pete's sake.
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