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For 24/7 use yeah you need either WD greens or active cooling. If the enclosure is plastic its going to run hot.
IF its a metal enclosure it will act as a big arsed heatsink. This is why I prefer metal enclosures.

I've run many Seagate's in passive enclosures and on average they lasted as long as active cooled Seagates. TBH, as long as the temps stay below 50 or so, it shouldnt matter that much on life expectancy. Hell with externals Ive seen more die from being bumped, dropped, etc while running then "burning to death".

Would a 7200.12 be my first, WD Greens are much better, but .12s dont run as hot as the old Maxtors (which I used in a external till it got knocked off the table and died)!

Is Vantec my first choice for there are better out there but their metal ones are decent.

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