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My System Specs

Default CPU i7 920 - Overheating!! ?

My i7 920 idles at around 41 Degrees C no over clock just @ 2.67ghz,

It seems fine until you do a stress test. I used Prime95's sensor test and temperatures rise over 80 degrees. When it hits 90 I shut off the test because I feel its dangerous.

I'm using default fan from Intel and I used default thermal paste that was already on. When I push the fan with my hand gently towards to cpu, no difference in temperature so I am not sure but it doesnt seem like re-seating is the problem. I think the problem lies in the Bios because when i went to it , fan control was on manual and i switched to thermal but not much difference...I think I need to setup the bios properly but this was my first build and i do not know how to setup the bios. I have the x58 motherboard from xfx.

Edit: These temps are with Speed step, turbo mode, and C-state tech enabled. I do not even know what they are but I enabled them ( they were disabled by default) When I enabled I noticed lower idle temp but also higher load temp.

With it off I get idle 45 Degrees C and Load around 85 Degrees C
Build: i7-920, EVGA GTX 285, XFX X58i Extreme Edition , 2GB x 3 DDR3 - Patriot Viper, ThermalTake M9 V1000series, Ultra LSP 650w, Western Digital 500GB @7200rpm,

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