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I'd swap out the 4890 for the 5770. It's a bit slower, but as the drivers mature it'll gain some FPS, not to mention it's got DX11, Eyefinity, etc.
As stated above, change to the NZXT Gamma, or a similar case.
Save some money and go with the S12D rather than the M12D.
Go with the MA770T or the M4A79XTD EVO if budget allows.
Try to get a WD Caviar Black, Barracuda 7200.12, Spinpoint F1, etc. Caviar Greens are terribly slow.
Don't go with an OEM Windows 7. It becomes tied to the motherboard on activation, so if you change motherboards you need a new copy. If you have an old Windows version lying around, just install it and then get a Windows 7 Upgrade for about the same price.
I've heard poor things about that keyboard. I'd say just get a simple Logitech one unless he's a heavy MMORPG player.
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