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I'm in a similar boat. I've got a Athlon X2 6000 cpu and want to know how much better the latest Phenom 965 is in terms of gaming performance. That or the Intel i5 750. Since there are no benchmark results with the 6000 x2 vs "insert current cpu's", it makes it difficult to gauge how much better the current generations will be IMO.

Hence the reason why I'm asking as I'm sure you guys know what kind of performance jumps I should be expecting. Keep in mind, I'm just talking in terms of stock performance (no OCing), how would my 6000 compare ? Because I've got a Radeon 5770 and I've got reason to believe that my cpu is seriously slowing me down. I can't run Fall Out 3 on max details with 4x AA without slow downs. It's not Crysis so I don't see why I'm not getting 40-50fps since it's the Unreal 3 engine, right ?

The same with Mass Effect. I can't play Mass Effect with max details at 1680x1050 with 4x AA without jerky performance. I'm getting like 18-20 fps. Sometimes slower. The only times frame rates are in the mid-30s is when I'm on the ship. LOL.

Almost all the benchmarks I've since with the 5770 show very high frame rates (over 40fps at least with 1680 with AA) except games like Crysis. The same with Fall Out 3. It should be running like crazy at 1680...I'm not running the game at max resolution possible. So I have to assume my CPU is bogging me down.

What do you guys think ? Whiteangel, apologies in advance for barging in like this.

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