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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Pump to rad? I am planning on adding a video card in the spring. I thought the pump would have to go after the res, and the res should go after the rad.

As long as it works now. Still no leaks, about 1.5 hours so far. I'll let it run all night, and hope that Santa does not mess with the loop tonight when he stops by.
Haha, did Angie give ya crap when she came home to her kitchen table covered in paper towels and PC parts? As to what Ginger was saying, and your reply: It matters little which order you put components in, as long as the res is feeding the pump. Any other order is just personal preference.

Btw, I really like that 655 setup mounted to the HDD rails 'sideways'. I'll remember that next time I redo my loop. I guess the only downside is its hard to use the speed control if you want to
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