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My System Specs


~ Sagath ~ I understand about the ram divider thingy (lol... Even if I do not sound like I do) I want to OC the h*ll out of my new computer (since I have not been able to OC a CPU in LITERALLY 3 years), and I was unsure if a FSB divider would give me enough options to run the heck out of my new cpu. Also my car has a blown motor, so in the mean time I need to be able to run the sh*t out of something

~ mo' power ~ I know its prefferable to OC the CPU First, but I don't want to chance the ram holding my OC back. I finally have a nice board to OC with, and want to use it! I have an ULTRA 120 Extreme cooler. Had her for a while, but I think it should be plenty addequite for an OC'd e8400.

~ enaberif ~ I know my ram is only 677, But as I said, when running a $60 Value ECS mainboard My ran hit over 800mhz and was STILL able to notticably tighten up the timings (Went from 4-4-4-10 to 3-5-3-8 @ over 800 mhz YEAH the ram likes to run). With a good mobo, The ram may just suprise us all... WHEN I buy new ram would I not be "wasting" my time with 6400? The board supports DDR2 @ speeds upto 1366mhz+ When I upgrade should I not buy something running at ATLEAST 1000mhz? (for best performance)

I also want to see what I can squeeze out of this ram before I buy newer stuff. Plus I won't be able to afford it for a while now. I really should have bought an Engine for my car before fixing my fried comp (fried cpu and mobo )
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