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There is an extra fin module in middle for enlarging the surface for better heat dissipation.

Cooler module for MOSFET; DFI indeed improves the cooler quality for DK series.

Tantalum Capacitor for audio
“Solid capacitor” produces “artificial” sound, so DFI adopts Tantalum cap in audio circuit.

The memory bandwidth of P55 is less than X58 because the dual channel architecture.

Boot up screen

BIOS menu
It’s the first time DFI adopts AMI BIOS. You can choose the language you want when log in BIOS menu.

OC main menu

Options for CPU

Voltage setting page
O.C. Shut Down Free: DFI patent technology; no “turn off the power” needed when changing the voltage.
CPU Voltage 1.0000~2.0000V
Power Saving Standard means turn ”Vdroop” off; Advance means you allow voltage droop
Super VID ON means lock down the voltage when enabling EIST/C1E.
CPU VTT Voltage +0.05~+0.697V
DRAM Voltage 1.20~2.60V

CPU/DRAMCOMP: When enabling this option, you can get 1~5MHz higher in bclk.
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