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My System Specs


Originally Posted by castorjocky View Post
Thoughts: what Zero82z said, I've pretty much given up the idea of an ATI card and settled with the idea of buying a nice mid-price card that I can SLi if and when I need. Should I wait until the nVidia 300 series is released before buying a lower-level card? Will my system bottleneck the Vcards I listed? How do I tell?
I think you'd be better off upgrading both your CPU and GPU. The X2 6000+ is a little long in the tooth at this point. As for waiting, that depends on how badly you want to upgrade. There will always be something new on the horizon, but if you think you'll be able to afford a next-gen nVidia card when they are released, then it might be worth waiting for assuming you can hold off on gaming until then.
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